Thursday, 2 June 2016

Some of the important characteristic features of new IT infrastructures are given below:

To be able to meet the challenges embedded in the new role for IT, it is imperative that new IT infrastructure has certain basic features that improve its capabilities. Some of the important features are described below:

1. The new IT infrastructure shall cover a wider geographical area and support a variety of access methods and diverse protocols for communication. Local Area Networks (LANs), Wider Area Networks (WANs) and the Internet shall be integral parts of IT infrastructures of reasonably moderate sized companies.
2. IT infrastructure shall focus on global operations and resources. It shall have to be supported by a well-established communication plan. Such a plan shall cover whole gamut of users, in and outside the organisation, and shall have multi level access controls and security features.
3. IT infrastructure shall isolate the technology from the end user environment, providing flexibility to change technology without the need to reorient the end user environment. The end user need not know where and how information is stored and being made accessible. This will ensure security.
4. The new IT infrastructure must have facilities to accept data in unstructured form. Outputs of electronic spreadsheets that are becoming so popular these days shall have to be acceptable for integration. Interface of data with other standard software tools shall become absolute necessity and facilities for data exchange shall be essential in the new IT infrastructure.
5. Quick adaptability to the changes in operating environment shall be an important feature of new systems. Ability of the systems to cope up with changes in product lines, packing sizes/ trading lets, clubbing of related products and services shall have to be very quick and quite natural to the systems.
Similarly, systems shall accept a variety of combination of information needs and external data shall flow in them. Exception reporting shall be a regular feature for the systems. Policy changes shall be easy to implement on new systems and policy implications on various parameters of the business shall be easily traceable.

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